The New Covenant

The New Covenant

These three simple verses are making a real furor in Israel and among the Jewish community. For thousands of years, the Lord was an object of prayers for Jews but now they are starting to understand that He is much more. He is a center of the nation. Undeniably, the Highest. 

What do these verses mean and what difference do they make to other nations? Three thousands of years ago the Lord created the New Covenant that was really a game changer for the Jews.

Through verse Jeremiah 31:36 He has assured of his immortality. What would happen to the Jews if something bad would happen to the Lord and if the ordinances he has set for the Sun, the Moon and the Stars would depart from him?

The answer is simple. The Jewish nation would be automatically dissolved and it means that Jews would stop being Jews forever. Thus the Lord is protected not only by the worship that the Holy Bible gives to him but in a much more practical sense.

If, for instance, somebody would want to murder the Lord, the Jews must counteract or otherwise, their nation would no longer exist. 

Jeremiah 31:37 verse is going further into this topic and is much more defensive. It is forbidden for every Jew to count the deaths that the Lord 'forced' by his existence. Counting and making a bill for this unusual lifesaving service is forbidden to the Jews. Otherwise, they will stop being a nation as well.

In this verse, the Lord has also guaranteed the safety of his landmarks. If someone would ever want to search them, it will also dissolve the nation of Israel, forever.

But there is much more behind these verses. The New Covenant. So far the Lord was just an object of prayers for Jews and only a little of them actually cared of him. Now, thanks to the New Covenant, He is the judge over the nation of Israel and can dissolve them at any point whenever He desires. Forever...